11th World Day against the Death Penalty [fr]

Death has no appeal.

10 October marks the 11th World Day against the Death Penalty.

Crime levels in Papua New Guinea are often described as unsustainably high and the discussion about how to address the situation has a long history. In particular, the headlines about atrocious crimes committed against women, including rape and sorcery related crimes, have fuelled the debate this year. The PNG Government acted and has adopted a package of measures to address the serious issues of violent crime. The European Union, the United Kingdom, France and all other Member States of the Union are following the debate with great interest. (…)

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Europe against the death penalty

The European Union, the United Kingdom and France in Papua New Guinea will continue to support the PNG Government’s efforts to lay the foundations for long term peaceful, sustainable and inclusive growth; whether through our bilateral trade agreement and the many jobs it creates in the country, through our efforts to promote investment, or through our aid to develop agriculture and education. But we will also continue to lobby against the death penalty.

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Last update: 10/10/2013

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