Ambassador visits Goroka

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Ambassador Maubert arrives in Goroka

At the invitation of Mrs. Julie Soso, Eastern Highlands governor, the Ambassador made an official visit in Goroka. He was the guest of honor during the inaugural ceremony of the Provincial Plan for Youth. During his speech, he reminded the words of the French President, Mr. François Hollande, about the future full of possibilities of young people. M. Pascal Maubert was received at the University of Goroka and was welcomed by the students of the French department. He promised to support the university policy in this area.
During his stay in Goroka, he visited the center of coffee research, whose director was a student of the CIRAD (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development), Mr. Thomas Kaukhane.
He met several officials of the National Federation of Coffee Producers and proposed a new cooperation plan with the CIRAD, as part of European development projects.
Mr. Maubert later met the Roun Roun Theater team, and visited the archives building, constructed through French founding. He met the Clinton Foundation officials and talked about the construction of a new clinic in the Ikoundi village, based on an original idea of Pr. Pierre Lemmonier, with the assistance of the Pacific Found.

He finally paid a tribute to the memory of Mr. Jacques Manin, a former French ambassador who died in Papua New Guinea in 2006. A stele reminds his action for a better cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Last update: 16/06/2015

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