Ambassador visits Madang

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Ambassador gives a trophee to a student of Divine Word University, Madang

The Ambassador of France, along with his spouse, went twice in Madang, fifth most populated city in the country, first to the invitation of Divine Word University for their open-day, and then as an honor guest for the festival of traditional arts.
During those visits, he met the provincial authorities, the religious officials, the port administration, the European cooperation teams and the small French community.
He was the key-note speaker of the open-day at the Divine Word University. During his speech in front of the students and the teachers, Mr. Maubert highlighted the necessity of developing the teaching of foreign languages, in particular French.

During the Festival of Traditional Arts, Mr. Maubert appreciated the performances of the local artists bands. A ‘snakes-men’ group from Morobe welcomed a French young man from Montpellier. Mr. Romain Plumerand performed with success in the Madang museum gardens .

Last update: 17/06/2015

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