Successful routine call for the « Vendémiaire »

Commander Jean-René Degans meets the PNGDF Chief of Staff and visits Bomana War Memorial before entertaining 200 guests from all walks of life.

Coming from Sydney, where she took part in the celebration of the centennial of the Australian fleet and on her way to Port-Vila, the frigate of the French Navy « Vendémiaire » has made a two day routine call in Port-Moresby.
It was an opportunity for the Commander Jean-René Degans to meet military and civil authorities. The exchanges of views included the current development of regional security issues, among them the fisheries, as well as the perspectives of bilateral cooperation.
Commander Degans had I particular talks with the Chief of Staff and Acting Chief Commander and the Deputy Defence Secretary as well as the Director General for bilateral Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign affairs, on the occasion of a luncheon he hosted on board.
The PNGDF Chief of Staff and the Defence Secretary where the chief guests of the cocktail party offered on board by Brigadier General Luc de Revel, Chief Commander of the French Armed Forces in New Caledonia, on the eve of the departure of the ship. More than 200 guests attended this function, among them were athletes like the Paralympic runner Larry Elias.
Along with the Ambassador of France, Commander Degans and his Deputy, Captain Pierre-Louis Deschamps, have paid a visit to the Bomana War Memorial, where more than 3300 Commonwealth soldiers from WWII are buried.
The Curator of the Memorial, Mr Jaso Danielscalled the attention of the French delegation on the tomb of an Australian anthropologist , who died at the age of 50 during WWII after having taken part I the Great War campaigns on the French soil. On this occasion, Commander Degans expressed the view that, in the framework of the centennial of WWI, the French authorities were considering the possibility of paying a special tribute to an Air Force hero of the Great War, Léon Bourjade, buried in the vicinity of Port-moresby, on Yule Island. Born in the neighbourhood of the city of Montauban (France), Father Bourjade came as a missionary, after the war, to Papua New Guinea, where he died in 1924.
At a cocktail party given at the French Embassy by the Ambassador and Mrs Catherine Maubert, the Commander and the crew of the frigate have met representatives of the diplomatic corps, the civil society and the business community.
The visits organized on board for various schools of the capital were highly successful especially among pupils learning French.

The frigate at the Main Wharf
Bomana memorial
Bomana Memorial
Bomana Memorial
Bomana Memorial

Full Article form the Post Courier(25/10/13)

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